Benefits provided in ESI Scheme

          The scheme was inaugurated in Kanpur on 24th February 1952 (ESIC Day) by then Prime Minister Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Our first prime Minister was the first honorary insured person of the Scheme and the declaration form bearing his signature is a prized possession of the ESI Corporation.




* All Insured Persons and members of their family are entitled to
Free, full and comprehensive medical care.
Primary care to super speciality care.

Comprehensive Medical Care -


Preventive services

  • Immunization of pediatric population
  • Hepatitis B vaccination for Health care workers.
  • Maternal and child health
  • Family welfare services
  • All National Health Programmes.

Promotive services

  • Health education
  • Health checkup camps within and outside the hospitals.
  • Medical certification

Curative services

  • Dispensary care
  • Hospital care -
    • Out patient treatment
    • In-Patient treatment
    • Specialist consultation
    • Super-speciality treatment (In house / referral to tie-up centres)
  • Maternity care- Ante-natal care, confinement and post natal care
  • Diagnostic facilities- Laboratory services, X-ray, CT scan, MRI.
  • Surgical procedures
  • Free supply of drugs and dressings.
  • Free supply of artificial limbs, aids, prosthesis and appliances for physical rehabilitation
  • Free diet during admission in hospitals
  • Free Ambulance Service
  • Dental care
  • Domiciliary treatment
  • Supportive services

Rehabilitative services

  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Provision of artificial aids
  • Social and psychological rehabilitation
  • Economic rehabilitation

Super-speciality treatment

  • For Open Heart Surgery, Neuro Surgery, Bone Marrow Transplant, Kidney Transplant or specialized investigations like CAT scan, MRI, Angiography etc.
  • Referral arrangements (tie up) have been made with the reputed , premier hospitals of the country for superspeciality and medical services not available within the hospital
  • The total cost of superspeciality treatment, outsourced diagnostic facilities or surgical interventions is borne entirely by the ESI Corporation.



Sickness Benefit

  • Cash payments to Insured person (IP) during the period of sickness when IP requires medical treatment and abstention from work.
  • Sickness benefit is payable' for a maximum period of 91 days in any two consecutive benefit periods.

Extended Sickness Benefit

  • Extended Sickness Benefit is a Cash Benefit paid for prolonged illness.due to any of the 34 specified diseases .This benefit can be given upto a maximum of two years by following the prescribed procedure.

Maternity Benefit

  • Maternity benefit consists of periodical cash payments to Insured Woman during confinement, premature birth of child, miscarriage or medical termination of Pregnancy to an insured woman.

Disablement Benefit

  • Disablement benefit is admissible for disablement caused by employment injury.
  • Temporary disablement benefit is payable as long as the temporary disability lasts
  • If the employment injury results in partial or total/permanent disability, permanent disablement benefit is payable till the death of the insured person

Dependants' Benefit

  • Dependants' benefit consists of periodical payments to dependants of an insured person who dies as a result of an employment injury sustained as an employee under the ESI Act.